Share the Love!

With all of the fear and uncertainty in the world right now, I’ve teamed up with my mom to help spread some love and happiness! We came up with a printable coloring page(file below!!) for you to color, add to a little treat, and drop off to your friends! This week, we had the opportunityContinue reading “Share the Love!”

Spreading Happiness!

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to talk a little bit about these crazy times were living in! This virus has upset businesses, hospitals, families, etc. It has lead to unemployment, loss of loved ones, and feelings of fear. In this time, I want to help spread some happiness, and want you to also! I haveContinue reading “Spreading Happiness!”

Etsy Shop!

What’s going on everyone? This post I wanted to share my etsy shop and some of my listings! I am currently selling my practice sheets, some stickers, and my lightroom presets! The lettering worksheets are perfect if you want to start lettering! With on purchase, you will get the files to the worksheets and you’llContinue reading “Etsy Shop!”

Hey Everyone!

What’s up everyone?!? I’m so excited to finally have a real website to share with you! My first post right now won’t be long, but just letting you know that I finally have a website up and running! I’ve got lots of good content coming up, and lots of fun posts! Here you will findContinue reading “Hey Everyone!”

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